Sunday, 10 April 2016

Soixante Stan

Today’s ride started at HPP at 9 but there were no takers so I headed off to the alternate start at Pease Pottage. Fortunately there were some takers, 10 in all.
Once assembled most of us headed off for the next start point. One attendee was running late so four waited and caught up with the main group at the next start point near Horsham. Three others met us there so we had 15 attendees in all.
Once assembled we headed off towards Southwater where Pat left us. A slow puncture held us up for a few moments as we headed off towards Shipley, Ashington and Ashurst. Arriving at Stan’s Bike Shack at just after noon. 30.6 miles.
After lunch four of us headed off for the afternoon section of the ride.
Off we headed off through Henfield just after which the slow puncture needed fixing. Next it was Blackstone, Sayers Common, Hickstead and Slaugham. This was undulating to say the least!
The remaining four split here,  two headed for Crawley and two for Horsham.
Got home feeling a bit tired but I had done 56 miles with 2500' of climbing!

Sunday, 24 January 2016


Today’s ride was scheduled to be a 40 mile round trip to Dunsfold via Wisborough Green (WD40). I was a bit concerned about the weather as the forecast was mist and light rain.
Attending were me, Michael, Pete, Bob, Frank and Ken. 
I had planned on 20 miles to lunch and 20 back. 
We headed off over the golf course towards Rowhook and on through Rudgwick and down to Wisborough Green. We stopped there at 15 miles. According to my calculation we were making a good pace so I decided to go a bit slower. At 20 miles we were still 5 miles from the pub. I had got my distance wrong! So it was all systems go to make up lost time. We got to the pub at 12:20.
We did not have to order lunch as it had been pre-ordered which made life easier. The beer and the company was good so we headed off for home. Having over estimated the out journey I tried to cut the return distance. 
Back through Cranleigh and right in Ewhurst took to the Walliswood turning where Michael left us. On towards Weare Street where Ken left us. Only four left so we headed towards Warnham where Frank left us.
The remaining three, Pete, Bob and I headed over the railway line at Warnham and over bypass into Horsham. 
Total distance today was 45 miles and no mist or rain!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

AV Ride

Today’s ride was the 'AV Ride' to The Cat and Canary in Henfield. There was some doubt that the pub may have been closed so The Plough was a backup.

It was a dual start so Pete,  Al, Denis, Bob and I set off from HPP and headed for Pease Pottage. It was here that we were joined by Gordon,  Jacqui and Malcolm. Anton was also there but was not cycling. Off we went to Handcross where we met up with Ros.

The route took us through Handcross, along the new cycle path to Warninglid, over the A272, Wineham and on to the lunch stop where we met Adrian Veiler (AV), Michael and Christine. The beer was good but the food took a long time to come. I negotiated an extension to our usual lunch hour.

So it was home time. We headed north to Partridge Green and Maplehurst where the Crawley members headed off.

The rest of us headed back to Horsham via Kerves Lane. 35 miles.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Turf and Surf

A lovely day out riding the flatlands of the coastal plain around Chichester Harbour. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Bacon Butty Ride

Today’s ride was a beginners ride to Copsale Village Hall for bacon butties. 
After waiting for no shows we headed off towards Broadbridge Heath utilising the new bridge over the A24. Once over this we headed south on the newly refurbished bridleway through Wickhurst Green, rejoining the road to Christs Hospital. Here we joined the Downs Link to Copsale. 

I had texted the hall to say we were coming but it went unread. Luckily they were prepared for an influx of 16 cyclists. 

After refreshments we headed for Sedgwick and Doomsday Green. Some Crawley members left us here so we said our goodbyes and the rest of us headed back to the Pavilions. Some of us went to the French Market in the Carfax. 
We only did 15 miles but everyone said it was a success so plans are afoot for a revisit. 

Our next ride is an "awayday" ride.  We will meet up at Chichester Station at 10:00 hrs for a "Surf and Turf" ride of about 30 miles. It should be fairly easy as it is all coastal plain down there and quite flat.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

East Sussex Mystery Ride

A quick thrash along The Worth Way to East Grinstead for Ken, Malcolm and Bob before meeting up with Ros, Pete, Rachel, Paul, Annie and Denis.

Ros led us on a very nice ride through Forest Row and up onto Ashdown Forest and Nuthurst for lunch at Fletching. Great views, great weather, great company.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Arun Crossings - DA Event

I enjoy this ride: we criss-cross the river Arun multiple times between Pulborough and Rudgwick on highways and byways. It's a great excuse to fit the knobblies and let my Kona do its thang!

The crowd was slow getting together at Pulborough Station but in the end there were seven of us (just Michael and myself from H&C).

Turning right out of the station, we first used the old bridge at Stopham followed immediately by the new one then up through the woods and a sandy track with great views of the Downs to the south and east. Next we headed north towards Toat before taking a bridleway west for another crossing.  The bridleway took us through a landscape that probably looks pretty much the same as it did a century ago before climbing up to Bedham Lane. This took us north before we turned right onto a bridleway at Horsebridge Hill. A single track trail took us through some woodland then out onto a grassy ride before crossing a small lane and running along the edge of a small valley. Then we went down and across a grassy plain before another river crossing at Pallingham Quays (I think). We next followed a couple of farm tracks before turning left Blackgate lane and then left again to go past Scrase House and then down the hill behind it on a stony-surfaced bridleway. As we reached the bridge over the river we caught up with a couple of horses and being kind and generous folk, we opened the next couple of gates for them. We flew on up the slight gradient before getting on tarmac again for the last mile into Wisborough Green where we stopped at the Old Mill cafe for elevenses.

A good cup of coffee and a selection of delicious pastries later, we were back on the road. We went north and east, past Fishers Farm and dived onto another bridleway. The nest two crossings took us east then west, past Malham Farm then north, out onto Drungewick Lane. 

Next we took the canal path alongside a restored section of the Wey and Arun Canal and pulled up for lunch at the Onslow Arms in Loxwood.

The afternoon saw us head back along the canal before turning north and going through Tismans Common to Rudgwick and then south along the Downs Link. A bridleway then took us west to run round The Haven and into a wood on another bridleway. Back out on Okehurst Road we headed south before going through a farmyard onto another bridleway west and over the river and canal again. Stopping to change my video battery I enjoyed a sprint through a wood to catch up with everyone else as we emerged onto a drive leading to the B2133 at Newpound. Now it was just a case of popping back to Wisborough Green.

I Had a family birthday party to get to so I didn't stop at the cafe and pressed on south - back over the river and canal up the hill and out onto Black Gate Lane then onto Pickhurst Lane and two small climbs before arriving back at Pulborough station to drive back home.

I'd had a really enjoyable day - the weather was warm and sunny, the riding was excellent, the countryside beautiful and the company entertaining.